WAME 92.9FM/550AM Station Information


WAME Radio primarily serves Statesville, Iredell and surrounding counties, providing country, bluegrass, traditional folk and related genres of music, local, regional and national news, local weather and traffic  WAME is committed to  original,  live, locally produced programming that speaks to our community and presents weekly opportunities for live music performances.

WAME’s downtown studio beginning our fourth year at 113 North Center Street with a street level view. We’re providing a platform for live performance opportunities and live interviews daily during the WAME Morning Show, the Drive @ 5 Show Monday through Friday, Wednesday nights with the Little Toe and Frankie Show and Saturday Morning live music shows twice each month.

Our current regularly scheduled live shows provide over 40 hours per week of original, local programming that’s live on-air and on Facebook. Currently we do not subscribe to Nielsen as we are only in the county book, that’s a small  very small sample, less than 150 paper diaries, is only surveyed once per year, has very little demographic information and  uses data from the prior year. Although the information is sparse, the county book is expensive because we’re in the Charlotte market. When we did subscribe, coverage for Monday-Sunday 6A-12M generally ranges from 13,000 to 16,000 per week.

On Facebook,  our “live” programs are in real time, audio and video using multiple cameras in the studio. The audience varies, some of shows, like Abby the Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues have had  audiences as high as 40,000. In 2018, we increased our commitment to “live” music and in studio performance. Last year we had over 150 different musicians perform in the studio.

We do look at  page activity and insights, so here’s the most recent info:

Insights last 28 Days  January 22 – February 18

Weekly Shows

Facebook Page               New Page Likes   Post Reach     Post Engage Page     Followers

WAME Real Country                    58                          12,400                       8,500                       3,700

Monday-Friday 6A-10A

Drive @ 5                                         47                         11,000                        4,800                      7,000 . 

Monday-Wednesday 5P-6P

Thursday-Friday 4P-6P

Facebook viewing  is 45% women/55% men with an average age 25-54

On-air listening has traditionally been 40% women/60% men with an average age of 25- 64

For more information, Contact Cathy Cash at 336-692-3850


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